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Systemic Risk redefining Digital Security



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Journal of Information Systems Security
Volume 1, Number 1 (2005)
Pages 722
ISSN 1551-0123 (Print)
ISSN 1551-0808 (Online)
Ian O. Angell — London School of Economics, UK
Information Institute Publishing, Washington DC, USA




What does the successful business of the future look like? Business Process Re-engineering (Davenport, 1992) doesn’t help us envisage it. BPR gave the wrong answers, and the premise itself was absurd: how can you re-engineer what wasn’t engineered in the first place. It did, however, ask the right questions. Companies must change as we enter the Digital Age. This article claims that to succeed, a company must be built around effective digital security – albeit a redefined form of ‘security’ that depends on ‘thinking managers’ who are finely tuned to the systemic nature of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).




Systemic Risk, Digital Security, Information Security




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