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JISSec Volume 18, Number 1 (2022) contents


JISSec Contents

Volume 18 — Number 1



Front Matter


Root Cause Analysis for Information Security Incidents: A Pedagogical Requirement
Garry White — Texas State University, USA
Jaymeen Shah — Texas State University, USA


Free Trial with Annoyance Mechanism as an Optimal Strategy in Cybersecurity Software Offering
Bin Mai — Texas A&M University, USA
Kutsal Dogan — University of Florida, USA


Comparative Study of LSB and DWT based Steganography combined with Arnold Transformation for Image Security
Shruti Gulati — Kali Charan Nigam Institute of Technology, India
Adil Bashir
— Islamic University of Science and Technology, Kashmir, India
Ajaz Hussain Mir — National Institute of Technology Srinagar, India

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