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Volume 6, Number 3

This is JISSec Volume 6, Number 3 launch announcement


Volume 6, Number 3


JISSec Volume 6, Number 3 is now available!

JISSec Volume 6, Number 3 Table of Contents:

    • "Privacy-preserving discriminatory and nondiscriminatory pricing based electronic market clearing mechanisms", by Sumit Chakraborty, Sushil Sharma and Asim Kumar Pal
    • "Risk Management Standards - The Perception of ease of use", by Piya Shedden, A. B. Ruighaver and Atif Ahmad
    • "Security of Information Systems in Schools: An Evaluation using Audit and COBIT Interviews", by Susan J. Lincke, Reetika Kumar and Virat Tiwari
Enjoy this JISSec Issue!


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