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Volume 5, Number 1

This is JISSec Volume 5, Number 1 launch announcement


Volume 5, Number 1


JISSec Volume 5, Number 1 is now available!

The issue is the second JISSec Special Issue and it is devoted to the theme of information and communication technologies for better mitigation of extreme events.


JISSec Volume 5, Number 1 Table of Contents:

    • "Mitigating Disaster: Improvising Information Technology in Response to Extreme Events", by John C. Borne and Suzanne D. Pawlowski
    • "Top Management Support, External and Internal Organizational Collaboration, and Organizational Flexibility in Preparation for Extreme Events", by Joseph B. Skipper, Dianne J. Hall and Joe B. Hanna
    • "An Exploratory Delphi Study among Small Business Executives on Adoption of Disaster Recovery Practices", by Barry A. Cumbie, Casey G. Cegielski and Chetan S. Sankar
Enjoy this JISSec Special Issue!


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