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Volume 4, Number 3

This is JISSec Volume 4, Number 3 launch announcement


Volume 4, Number 3


JISSec Volume 4, Number 3 is now available!

JISSec Volume 4, Number 3 Table of Contents:

    • "Organizational Learning for the Incident Management Process: Lessons from High Reliability Organizations", by Gerd Van Den Eede, Willem J. Muhren and Bartel Van de Walle
    • "Incident Response Planning Using Collaboration Engineering Process Development and Validation ", by Alanah J. Davis, Mehruz Kamal, Terrance V. Schoonover, Leah R. Pietron, Josephine Nabukenya and Gert-Jan de Vreede
    • "The Duality of Information Security Management: Fighting against Predictable and Unpredictable Threats", by Paolo Spagnoletti and Andrea Resca
Enjoy this JISSec Issue!


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