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Volume 19, Number 2

This is JISSec Volume 19, Number 2 launch announcement


Volume 19, Number 2


JISSec Volume 19, Number 2 is now available!

JISSec Volume 19, Number 2 Table of Contents:

    • "The Intellectual Core of Information Systems Security", by Gurpreet Dhillon
    • "An Inside View of a Ransomware Attack Response and Recovery", by Casey Dzimiela and Murray E. Jennex
    • "The Next Big Strategic Play: Cybersecurity as a Competitive Advantage", by Tamara Schwartz, Jose Ignacio Parada, Fred Cohn, George Wrenn and Keri E. Pearlson
    • "House of Cards: Developing KPIs for Monitoring Cybersecurity Awareness (CSA)", by Mohammad Mulayh Alshammari and Dionysios S. Demetis
    Enjoy this JISSec Issue!


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