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Volume 15, Number 2

This is JISSec Volume 15, Number 1 launch announcement


Volume 15, Number 2


JISSec Volume 15, Number 2 is now available!

JISSec Volume 15, Number 2 Table of Contents:

    • "Big Data in Auditing: A Value-Focused Approach to Cybersecurity Management", by David L. Coss, Kane Smith, Jackson Foster and Simran Dhillon
    • "On the Security of Combinatorial Design Based Group Key Management Scheme", by Shravani M. Patil and B. R. Purushothama
    • "How U.S. and Canadian Universities and Colleges Dealt with Malware and Ransomware Attacks in 2016-2017", by Bernadette Schell, Kalpdrum Passi and Luc Roy
Enjoy this JISSec Issue!


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