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Volume 11, Number 2

This is JISSec Volume 11, Number 2 launch announcement


Volume 11, Number 2


JISSec Volume 11, Number 2 is now available!

JISSec Volume 11, Number 2 Table of Contents:

    • "The Impact of the Leadership Role on Human Failures in the Face of Cyber Threats", by Dyana Zainudin and Atta Ur-Rahman
    • "The Intangible Cost of Information Security Breaches: A State of the Art Analysis", by Griselda Sinanaj
    • "A Novel Steganography Approach for Hiding QR Codes by Using 2-D Discrete Wavelet Transformation", by Damir Omerasevic, Dragan Pleskonjic, Narcis Behlilovic and Sasa Mrdovic
    • "Sensitive and Classified Data Exchange and Handling in the EU: A Case Study", by Krystian Buszman, Karol Listewnik and Tomasz Sobczynski
    Enjoy this JISSec Special Issue!


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