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Call for Papers - Special Issue on Social and Ethical Impact of Technology

This is a Call for Papers for a JISSec Special Issue on Social and Ethical Impact of Technology


Special Issue on Social and Ethical Aspects of Secure Computing


Call for Papers


The value of information and the importance of information systems and technologies to the individuals, organizations and societies led to the rise of concerns about the safeguard of these assets. The recognition of vulnerabilities on those technologies and systems, as well on the human systems that operate or use them, alongside with the number and severity of new threats, justified the development and adoption of security techniques and technologies, such as anti-virus software, firewalls, intrusion-detection systems, backup systems, cryptographic techniques, and security awareness and training programs, to name a few. The path to secure computing, however, has revealed a host of potential ‘social and ethical aspects’. These aspects are attracting the attention both among technology managers and academics. Yet, little is understood about their nature and impacts. What counts as social and ethical aspects? Is it privacy and equality? Is it responsible corporate governance? Can there be a balance between privacy and security? What are the ethical challenges that emanate from the adoption of secure computing? Are we taking into consideration the social impacts of information security technologies? What kind of behavioral world are we creating? What answers to these challenges should we ponder? What are the strategies to foster a well-balanced security environment? Does secure computing free us or restrict us? Does it empower us? Is secure computing a social enabler or a social hazard? What strategies should an organization adopt to mitigate negative impacts of secure computing? How can an individual, organization or society leverage the potential benefits of information security technologies? What attitudes are required among individuals to establish and sustain a security culture?

We invite you to submit research that explores these and other social and ethical issues of secure computing to the Journal of Information System Security (JISSec). Papers conveying technical, economic, organizational, legal, political or sociological perspectives on secure computing are welcome. This special issue aims to consider multiple paradigmatic points of view.
Contributed papers may deal with but are not limited to:

    • Domestic and international use and adoption of information security technologies
    • Growing up in a surveillance society
    • Social engineering
    • Aspects of free speech in a technology enabled world
    • Impacts of information security technologies on democracy and societal values
    • The challenge of emerging technologies (e.g. RFID)
    • Intellectual property issues
    • Information technologies and Privacy
    • Trusted computing
    • Techno crimes and related management challenges
    • Interplay between governmental regulatory controls and security practices
    • Government profiling and Private data
    • Development of an organizational and social culture of information security and privacy
    • Electronic voting
    • Identity theft
    • Legal aspects of secure computing
    • Relationships between audit practices and security and privacy policies
    • Economic value of secure computing


Manuscripts should typically be around 5000-6000 words. All contributions are subjected to a double-blind review process. Manuscripts should be submitted through the JISSec online system. All manuscripts should identify themselves as submissions for the special issue. Submission details and guidelines may be found at the JISSec website. Anticipated publication date of the special issue is Fall 2007.


Special issue editor
Filipe de Sa-Soares
Universidade do Minho


Submission: May 1, 2007
Author Notification: August 1, 2007


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