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JISSec Volume 5, Number 1 (2009) contents

JISSec Contents

Volume 5 — Number 1



Front Matter


Mitigating Disaster: Improvising Information Technology in Response to Extreme Events
John C. Borne — Louisiana State University, USA
Suzanne D. Pawlowski — Louisiana State University, USA


Top Management Support, External and Internal Organizational Collaboration, and Organizational Flexibility in Preparation for Extreme Events
Joseph B. Skipper — Air Force Institute of Technology, USA
Dianne J. Hall — Auburn University, USA
Joe B. Hanna — Auburn University, USA


An Exploratory Delphi Study among Small Business Executives on Adoption of Disaster Recovery Practices
Barry A. Cumbie — University of Southern Mississippi, USA
Casey G. Cegielski — Auburn University, USA
Chetan S. Sankar — Auburn University, USA

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