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JISSec Volume 2, Number 2 (2006) contents

JISSec Contents

Volume 2 — Number 2



Front Matter


Rating Certificate Authorities: A Market Approach to the Lemons Problem
James Backhouse — London School of Economics, UK
Joao Baptista — Warwick Business School, UK
Carol Hsu — National Chengchi University, Taiwan


Towards a Global Framework for Corporate and Enterprise Digital Policy Management
Jean-Henry Morin — Korea University Business School, Korea
Michel Pawlak — University of Geneva, Switzerland


Managing Information Security: Demystifying the Audit Process for Security Officers
Sanjay Goel — University at Albany, USA
Damira Pon — University at Albany, USA
Jack Menzies — USA


To opt-in, or to opt-out? That is the question. A Case Study
Gurpreet Dhillon — Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Scott Chapman — Harris Merritt Chapman, Ltd., USA


Book Review: The Executive Guide to Information Security: Threats, Challenges, and Solutions, by Mark Egan with Tim Mather
Roland Weistroffer — Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

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