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Volume 6, Number 4

This is JISSec Volume 6, Number 3 launch announcement


Volume 6, Number 4


JISSec Volume 6, Number 4 is now available!

JISSec Volume 6, Number 4 Table of Contents:

    • "Information Security Conscience: a precondition to an Information Security Culture?", by Kerry-Lynn Thomson
    • "Economic Analysis of Digital Rights Management for Software Updates", by Taeha Kim and Alexander Talalayevsky
    • "Password Collection through Social Engineering: An Analysis of a Simulated Attack", by Joseph A. Cazier and Christopher M. Botelho
    • "Patient Safety and Patient Privacy in Information Security from the patient's view: A Case Study", by Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt and Eva Söderström
Enjoy this JISSec Issue!


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